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How The People's Grid Works

We're an energy network that allows you to buy, sell and share renewable energy. We allow communities to power themselves. We plug into your local wind farm to power your neighbourhood cafe. We leverage your neighbour’s solar to power your living room. Community-sourced, renewable energy.

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A unique approach to energy

The People’s Grid runs on an ecosystem of members that feed and use the grid. Energy Allies are people who switch providers and sign up to our grid. Their energy could come from people with excess rooftop solar, we like to call them Energy Amplifiers. It could also come from Energy Producers running local renewable farms like wind and solar.

Energy Allies

Sign up to a Collective. Switch Providers. Buy renewable energy.

When you sign up to a Collective, you’ll switch providers and transition to renewable energy at the same time. Energy Amplifiers and local Energy Producers will power you with a range of solar, wind, and biogas.

  1. 1
    Join a Collective on The People’s Grid
  2. 2
    Power your home or business with renewables
  3. 3
    Help your Collective raise funds just by paying your energy bills
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Energy Amplifiers

For people with rooftop solar. Get paid to feed excess energy to your Collective.

Does your home or business have rooftop solar? Help power the grid! Our unique matching algorithm delivers your excess energy back to your Collective. So you can keep the lights on at your neighbour’s home. And get paid for it.

  1. 1
    Join a Collective on The People’s Grid
  2. 2
    Get paid when you power your Collective
  3. 3
    Enjoy our steady, renewable energy supply if your own solar isn’t enough
Energy Amplifiers

Sarah Jane

Solar supplied: 1,892kWh

Zoe Lenny

Solar supplied: 680kWh

Tony Carrol

Solar supplied: 450kWh

Sam Sulter

Solar supplied: 1,632kWh

Miranda Florence

Solar supplied: 3,322kWh

Energy Producers

Local, renewable energy generators – powering Collectives around Australia.

The People’s Grid powerhouses. Our partners who provide local, renewable energy to members nationwide. They use a range of solar, wind and biogas to keep our homes and businesses comfortable.

Local solar farm
Local Solar Farm
South Australia
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The People's Grid™ x Circular Energy

The People’s Grid is brought to you by clean energy pioneer Oxamii. Oxamii has been making waves in the clean community energy space since 2016 and is backed by investment partners including Artesian Capital. The People’s Grid is being delivered in proud partnership with Circular Energy. Circular Energy are a fully licenced energy retailer which means members of The People’s Grid can be confident that their energy supply will be safe, reliable and delivered in accordance with Australia’s strict energy regulations.

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