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Goodwood Community Energy Group

Our close-knit community is built on football and cricket –– and renewables too! We strive to power our club and community with locally-sourced renewable energy.

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    Join our collective movement towards renewable energy

    We want to power our own community! One new solar panel and renewable energy battery at a time.

    We reinvest our Collective membership fees right back into our community. That means adding batteries to our existing rooftop solar energy to reduce our energy cost.

    We’ll feed our excess solar back to the Collective members expanding the overall energy supply. With the money we save on energy, we’ll reduce club costs and playing fees. So footy, cricket – and renewables – are more accessible for our community. It’s a win-win sports club.

    Community Snapshots

    Steve Grolle (prosumer)

    Roseworthy ,SA

    Terrys Engineering (prosumers)

    Port Adelaide, SA

    Andrew Hicks (prosumer)

    Stirling, SA

    Williams Family (prosumers)

    Gawler, SA

    Mallets Nursery (prosumers)

    Hyde Park, SA

    Jake and Robyn

    North Adelaide, SA

    Chez Winery

    Goodwood, SA

    Gunston family

    Mawson Lakes, SA

    Ken (prosumer)

    Mile End, SA

    Osbourne family (prosumers)

    Goodwood, SA

    Our Community

    Simple renewable switch. Competitive rates. Improved communities.

    Part of your energy bill – around $1 per week – is donated to your Collective’s nominated purpose. 100% of these donations go directly towards this common goal.

    Energy Allies


    Energy Amplifiers


    john smith

    Joined 19.5.22

    Venura Weerasinghe

    Joined 6.4.22

    Clarence H

    Joined 6.4.22

    Craig Scott

    Joined 11.3.22

    Frankie Rosevelt

    Joined 11.3.22

    Sharon Ronen

    Joined 8.12.21

    Chiunee Sugiharaz

    Joined 29.11.21

    Margare Rousseau

    Joined 29.11.21

    Frank Furta

    Joined 19.11.21

    Jean Stone

    Joined 3.11.21

    Phil Burro

    Joined 3.11.21

    Sal Green

    Joined 3.11.21

    Argh Bart

    Joined 2.11.21

    Energy Allies

    Members who switch to buy energy through The People’s Grid. Allies strengthen our grid and help us fund future energy and climate projects.

    Energy Amplifiers

    People who add to the grid through rooftop solar. Amplifiers are paid to feed excess solar into The People’s Grid. They help power the community.

    Join our Grid

    More people, more power. Find your area rates.

    See a rate you like? Switch to The People’s Grid in just a few minutes.

      Our energy comes from local, renewable energy producers to keep our energy clean.

      Partnered Energy Producer

      Wollert Renewable Energy Facility

      • Location: Wollert, Victoria
      • 6000kWh Biogas System
      At a Glance
      • 6,000 kwh

        Equivalent to 355 homes

      • 0

        Solar Panels

      Partnered Energy Producer

      NAWMA Renewable Energy Hub

      • Location: Edinburgh, South Australia
      • 11000000kWh Biogas System
      At a Glance
      • 11,000,000 kwh

        Equivalent to 2000 households

      • 11000

        Solar Panels

      Collective Manager

      Collective Updates

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      Powered by The People's Grid

      Local Power.
      Global Impact

      For the first time, households and small business customers have the option to build their own grid. That means directly buying and sharing energy from local, renewable energy producers. Find the energy generator that aligns with your values and vision, or sits close to heart and home.

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